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"EARTH THOU ART, AND UNTO EARTH SHALT THOU RETURN." Genesis iii, 19. From the Roman Missal, Ash Wednesday.


THE NUDE MALE GALLERY is a pay-to-view presentation. Simply contact me for details on payment. I accept PAY PAL and money order or certified check. Current membership requirements: 1 YEAR: 45.00. VERIFICATION OF ID REQUIRED. We will be updating the gallery with fine art photos offered at a premium discount. Password protected. You will receive email notices of updated/changed passwords. NO EROTICA OR OFFENSIVE MATERIAL IS PORTRAYED.

Motivated and diverse fine art and male physiology photographer specializing in outdoor and natural lighting foto art. Seeking male and female bodybuilders, athletes, models and in-shape artists for photo shoots and collaboration. I have much to learn; I am always seeking to learn from critique of the work and hope to gain much more knowledge about others through photography. The presence of so many talented artists on this site is both encouraging and a bit intimidating! PLEASE NOTE: The digital photos available for purchase through our hosts and friends at FineArtAmerica are original prints from the digital record.

I have been working with fine art and fitness models for approximately 9 years in the southeast and continue to seek photoart opportunities to learn more and build his skills. I have been privileged and sometimes humbled to have worked with nationally recognized and talented fitness models as well as with several internationally known and recognized models. It is the intent of the artist to depict the human form and all his artwork in a respectable and truly Christian manner with due attention to and recognition of the revealed truth that man is made in the image and likeness of Almighty God and redeemed by Jesus Christ.

For access to any private/password protected galleries please contact me at the email address below. Please contact the artist directly for passcode and terms. I ENCOURAGE YOU TO CHECK OUT THE PASSWORD PROTECTED GALLERY for additional works of photo art.

Interested fine art and photographers, models and agents may contact directly Jake at:


I have been privileged to work with some fine artists (some of the pics are on this site) and look forward to working with many other talented models and artists.

We anticipate more fine photos and product from Baby Hercules (checkout his impressive bodybuilding history and work at):


My work may be found on line by internet engine searches under: Photographer Jake Hartz; Photographer Jim Hartz FotoArt by Jake; FotoJockAtl. You are invited to check out my other phototoart works (which are for sale by contacting me!) at: jumpster581@hotmail.com

Some additional work for sale is available at:




THOSE INTERESTED IN CULTURE AND BYZANTIUM: Check out the now complete tiles of Constantinople (Byzantium) as it may have looked (super cool website!!!):


Ciao for now!

John 20: 19 - 31


"Motherhood is the gift of God to women" and that it is destroyed "by the evil of abortion."

"Blessed Mother Teresa is revered in America and across the globe as one of the greatest champions of the dignity of the human person," said Fidelis President Joseph Cella. "It is wholly inappropriate, disrespectful and disturbing that Hillary Clinton shamelessly exploited Mother's image as a political tool."

Words of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta:

"My answer is prayer. What we need is for every Parish to come before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament in Holy Hours of prayer. " "The time you spend with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament … will help bring about an everlasting peace on earth" (Mother Teresa of Calcutta).

"On the Cross Jesus said: 'I thirst.' From the Blessed Sacrament Jesus continues to say to each of us: 'I thirst.' He thirsts for our personal love, our intimacy, our union with Him in the Blessed Sacrament. His longing for us to be with Him in the Blessed Sacrament is infinitely greater than our longing to be with Him."

"The Eucharist is connected with the Passion. If Jesus had not established the Eucharist we would have forgotten the crucifixion. It would have faded into the past and we would have forgotten that Jesus loved us. There is a saying that to be far away from the eyes is to be far away from the heart. To make sure that we do not forget, Jesus gave us the Eucharist as a memorial of his love."

"When you look at the crucifix, you understand how much Jesus loved you. When you look at the Sacred Host you understand how much Jesus loves you now. "

"Our lives must be woven around the Eucharist … fix your eyes on Him Who is the light; bring your hearts close to His Divine Heart; ask Him to grant you the grace of knowing Him, the love of loving Him, the courage to serve Him. Seek Him fervently."

"To be alone with Jesus in adoration and intimate union with Him is the greatest gift of love-the tender love of our Father in Heaven."

"All of us know that unless we believe and can see Jesus in the appearance of bread on the altar, we will not be able to see him in the distressing disguise of the poor. Therefore these two loves are but one in Jesus."

"If we really understand the Eucharist, if we really centre our lives on Jesus' Body and Blood, if we nourish our lives with the Bread of the Eucharist, it will be easy for us to see Christ in that hungry one next door, the one lying in the gutter, the alcoholic man we shun, our husband or our wife, or our restless child. For in them, we will recognize the distressing disguises of the poor: Jesus in our midst."

"Through Mary the cause of our joy you discover that no where on earth are you more welcomed, no where on earth are you more loved, than by Jesus, living and truly present in the Most Blessed Sacrament … He is really there in Person waiting just for you." "Like Mary, let us never be ashamed to do humble work. Like her, let us always accept the cross in whatever way it comes. (We must) stand near Our Lady to listen to the thirst of Jesus and to answer with your whole heart."




Page 1
In Order of Book Placement


1. The Star of the Night d'Albert, Charles Chappell Music Lithograph
Seller, 50 New Bond (color)
St., London, ENG.

2. Bohemian Melody Linter, Ricardo D'Almaine & Co., Dedicated to:
with Variations for Soho Square, London ??
Piano Forte Publisher embossed
stamp, upper R cor.

3. Select Airs, Bellini, Vincenzo T. Boosey & Co. Publisher embossed
Bellini's Admired 28, Hollis St., Oxford stamp, upper L cor.
Opera, St., 09/13/1850.
"La Sonnambula"
Arranged for Piano
Forte by the Author
Book 1

4. Nadiejda, 3 Me., Goria, A. R. Cocks & Co. Dedicated to: Miriam
Mazurka Originale, 6 New Burlington St. Ingres.
for Piano London.

5. Two favorite Irish Wallace, Wm. Vincent Messrs. Robert Cocks Piano Forte Manufs.
Melodies known as & Co., 6, New and Music Publishers
"The Harp that once Burlington St., London by app't. to the
through Tara's Halls" Queen. Embossed
and "Fly Not Yet" date stamp, upper L
corner, 12/19/1849.
Catalogue of Pianoforte
Works of A. Croisez.

Music sheets followed
by page entitled: School
Music for the Pianoforte.

6. The Land of the West Lover, Samuel, Esq.R J. Duff & Hodgson, Embossed stamp in
Ballad, sung by Miss 65 Oxford Street, center, top, showing:
Agnes Taylor, in the London (the title pg. "J. Marr, Piano Forte
favorite entertainment appears to have a Maker to the Queen,
of Rory O'More!, as signature (initials). Union St., Aberdeen"
performed at the Theatre
Royal Adelphi

Page 2

7. New and Superior Rossini, G. Metzler & Co. Pencil markings
Edition. Overture to 37, Great Marlborough throughout sheets.
"La Donna del Lago" St., London.
arranged for the piano
forte. Composed by'
G. Rossini.

8. La Belle Gabrielle, Schubert, C. Balls & Co. Pencil markings
brilliant variations for 408, Oxford St. on sheets.
the Piano Forte, on London.
Strauss' favorite
Gabrielen Waltzes,
composed by C.

9. Chant, National des Blumenthal, Jacques Cramer Beale & Co., Embossed stamp,
Croates, por le Piano Regent St. & 67, center, top:
Dedie a Madame Oury Conduit St.; Paris "J Marr Pianoforte
par Jacques Blumenthal Brandus & Co. Maker to the Queen,
Leipzic Brettkopf & Union St., Aberdeen"
Hartel. Some pencil marks.

10. New Edition. Overture Boieldieu, Fran�ois-Adrien D'Almaine & Co. Pencil marks
to the "Caliph of Baghdad" Soho Square, London on cover/music pages;
Composed & Arranged for partial publisher's
the Piano Forte by embossed stamp,
Boieldieu. upper R corner,
date: 2/13/1848.

11. A Catologue of Quadrilles,
Polkas, Mazourkas, &c.
for the piano forte,
composed by Ricardo
(this is a one page
listing, advert. with some
sample music)

12. Le Tyrol Wallace, W. V. Chappell Publisher stamp at
Variations Elegantes pour 50, New Bond Street center, bottom:
le piano. Composed and "Sold by Wood &
dedicated to Miss Binfield Co., (illegible)

13. The Song of the Blind Girl Glover, Stephen C. Jefferys Publisher embossed
to Her Harp. With an 21, Soho Square stamp in upper R cor.:
arrangement for the harp London " Charles Jefferys
of Piano Forte. The words Publisher of Music
by Charles Jefferys. Soho Square".

14. No. 7: Beauties of Italy. Keller, Albert Lee, Leoni Embossed "O" appears
Containing: Deh Conte, London. Music at bottom ctr. of page
Norma; IL Giorno Felice, Seller to Her Majesty first (title page); hand-
Diabelli; Le Fleur D'Italia, Queen Victoria some pencil marks.
Diabelli; E Serbato (from 48, Albemarle Street. Some pages repaired.
Capuleti Ed I Montegghi;

Page 3

Favorite March from Norma;
Ah Bello Ame Ritorna; In Mia
Man Alfin tu Sei, Norma;
Vivi Tu, Anna Bolena;
Di Lieti Suoni, Mercadante;
Grand Military March, Norma;
IL Girandola; IL Gondoletta;
Bella Venezia Amabile;
Leggiadra Amabil Siete,
Lucrezia Borgia.
Arranged for the Piano Forte.

15. Theme from the Creation with Mazzinghi, J. Goulding, D'Almaine, Apparently in handwriting
Variations for the Piano Forte Potter & Co., 20, Soho appears the numbers "18"
and an accompaniment for the Sq.e and to be had at (upper right side). Some
Flute. Composed & Inscribed 7, Westmoreland Str.t repairs appear to be made
to Mrs. Lewis by J. Mazzinghi. Dublin. to some pages. Appears
(research shows this was first from research that the
published in about 1810 and is publisher was in business
listed among his principal works) from 1810-1823 under
(No. 6). this name. Handwriting on
some pages; notes, marks.

16. No 1; Deux Airs Tyroliens, Avec Hunten, Francois Messrs. R. Cocks Price 3/- Notes and marks
Variations pour le Piano Forte & Co., Music Sellers on some pages.
Composes por Francois Hunten to Her Majesty, Royal Embossed printer stamp of
Copyright. Music Institution, 6/9/1846. Words of a play
6, New Burlington or opera are at top of some
Street. Late the pages (printed).
Mansion of the Countess
Dowager of Cork, and
Orrery. Also, D'Almaine
& Co. 20, Soho Square.

17. Air Autrichien Czerny, C. No. 21 of the Child's
Library (Czerny Opera

18. Pace Onore; Guisto Rossini, Gioachino The words: Tancredi
Dio; Ah D'Amor in tal (??) P.F. & Fl: Bk 3.(Burrowes)
momento; Perche No name appears on appear at the bottom of
turbar la calma. the pages. each of the 7 pages; worn,
Traditrice! J)L)o foxing and some marks in
tabbandono pencil. Last page has the
phrase: "To be continued."
printed in the bottom R cor.

19. The Lass o' Gowrie Newly arranged by Foxing; water marks.
Nelson,, S.

Page 4

20. The Last Rose of Stevenson, John Addison & Hodson, 210, Price: 2/-
Summer, sung by Regent Street, opposite Date stamp:
Miss Stephens, from Conduit Street, and 47, embossed, of
Moore's Selection of King Street.LONDON 10/29/1847.
Irish Melodies,
Arranged with Sym-
phonies and Accom-
paniment by Sir John
Stevenson Mus. Doc.

21, Trois Airs Italiens. Glover, Charles W. Leoni Lee & Coxhead. Penciled in words:
No. 1. Music Sellers to Her "Most miserable!!
Nel Silenzio, Meyerbeer; Majesty Queen Victoria. both variations must
Non V'Ha Sguardo, 48, Albemarle Street, by played very
Donizetti; London. differently for
Ti Rinfranca, Bellini. (last word illegible).
Arranged for the Piano

22. St. James Palace Band Tolkien, C M. Tolkine at his piano Imprinter: Stannard &
March (print litho.) in forte warehouse, 28, Co., 7, Poland Street.
black and white. King William St. London
Dedicated to the Young Bridge.
Ladies of Miss Lees

23. Advert. Sheet Page: Tolkien, H. London, 28,
Just Published. King William St. London
Songs and Ballads of the Bridge.
Heart, Written by Hon.ble
D'Arcy Godolphin Osborne.
Thereafter follows a listing of
12 songs.

24. D'Almainess New and Labitzky, J. London, D'Almaine & Co. Printer ebossed stamp:
Correct Edition. 20, Soho Square. Sole 6/25/1847.
The Aurora Waltzes for Proprietors of all the
the Piano Forte, Compositions by the
Composed by Celebrated Ricardo Linter.
J. Labitzky.

25. Advert. Sheet Page:
A Cataologue of Quadrilles,
Polkas, Mazourkas, &c.
for the Piano Forte,
Composed by Ricardo
D;Almaine 7 Co., London,
20 Soho Square.

26. March and (illegible) Rost, J.M. Monro and May, London. An embossed stamp
from Bellini's Celebrated (illegible wording). at R top: John Reid,
Opera of Norma, Pianoforte and Music
Arranged as a Divertimento Saloon, (illegible
for the Piano Forte by number), Baker St.
J. M. Rost. Portman Square.

Page 5

27. The Harp That Once Thro' Moore, Thomas London, Addison & Hodson, Embossed stamp at
Tara's Halls, as sung by Miss 210 Regent Street, opposite center, TOP, reads:
Stephens, from a selection Conduit St. and 47, King "J. Marr Pianoforte
of Irish Melodies, by Thomas Street. Maker to the Queen
Moore, Esq.r. The Symphonies Union St. Aberdeen"
and Accompaniment by Sir
John Stevenson, Mus. Doc.

28. The Araby Maid Ballad, The Surenne, J.T. Edinburgh, Published by Wood
Words & Air by The Rev.d &Co.12 Waterloo Place and to
T. G. Torry Anderson, the be had of Mess.rs D"Almaine
Symphones & Accompaniment & Co. 20 Soho Square Cramer
Composed & Arranged by Addison Beale 201 Regent
J. T. Surenne. Sreet Monro & May 11 Holborn
Bars, London and Marcus Moses
Westmoreland Street Dublin.

29. The Sylvan Waltz Jolly, J.M.

30. Mazeppa. Polka Linter, Ricardo London, D'Almaine & Co., Music preceeded by
composed by Ricardo 20 Soho Square. lithograph in black &
Linter. white ink and by a
catalogue advert. page
for D'Almaine music
devices (pianoforte).

31. The Bride's Polka, D'Albert, Charles No. 2 Duet noted on Lithograph (color).
by Charles D'Albert. cover sheet; no 4 Cover to music sheets;
Dedicated to Mr. Wm. on music sheet J. Brandard, litho.;
St. Alban, composed M & N Hanhart, Impt.
by Charles d'Albert. Also noted is the
following: "Drawn
from a bouquet of
flowers from Hardings
Clofford St.".

32. Repertoire des jennes Beyer, Ferd. London, J. Williams, Cover sheet also notes:
Pianistes, Six Petites 123, Cheapside, Center "No. 1, La Fille de Regiment.
Fantaisies, Instructives of Weed Street. No. 2, Montechi ed I Capuleti.
Pour le Piano sur des No. 3, La Favorite. No. 4,
motifs favoris d/Operas, Lucrezia Borgia. No. 5,
dedie a The Ladies at Norma. No. 6, La Elisire
Miss Smith's Establish.t, D'Amour."
Gravesend, Composees
par Ferd. Beyer. Op. 36.
No. 4 handwritten at top
upper R.

Page 6
33. Jock o' Hazeldean Scott, Walter Sir London, Leoni Lee, Sir Walter Scott is a famous
Regularly assigned by Music Publisher 48 Scottish novelist and poet.
the author to Leoni Lee. Albermarle Street. Among his works are:
Ivanhoe; The Bride of
Lammermoor; Waverley
Novels; Rob Roy.
Someone has pencilled in
the work "elistist" over the
printed word " youngest"
on page 1 of the music.
Some lettering is penciled
in on page 3.
Opposite the cover or first
page to the above music
sheet appears an advert.
pg. of Musical Novelties
published by J. Williams
123 Cheapside, London,
noting Home Gift Songs
and containing the words
to six songs: My Brother's
Love; Home Blessings;
Let us Spend A Day
Together; Give Me, Oh
Give Me, A Beautiful Song,
Mother, I Know You Love
Your Boy, Do not be Home
Late, My Love.

34. New Edition. "Love Not" Blockley, John London, Cramer, Some smudging of ink
A Ballad, The Poetry Beale & Co. 201, (fingerprints?) on some
Selected from The Sorrows Regent Street, & pages. The number
of Roalie, Written by the 67, Conduit Street. "759" appears at the
Hon.ble Mrs. Norton, bottom of each page.
and Published by her
exclusive permission
The Music Composed by
J. Blockley.

35. Bellini's La Chasse Meves, Augustus London, T. Swain, Meves claimed to be the
Arranged for the Piano (Von Schroeder) 53, Upper Baker Street Dauphin of France, Louis
Forte and dedicated to Regent's Park. XVII 1818 and brought to
Miss (?) Miss Isabella Belli London by his alleged father
by Augs. Meves. in 1792 for safety.

36. One Careless Word Lee, Alexander Duff & Hodgson, 65, Very clean pages; yellowed.
Litho. cover page in Oxford St., London.
red and gold color.
(perhaps some bored
clert who has colored
in with pencil lead the
eyes of one of the
female figures and
written the words:
"golden hair" and
the name "Bertha
Lindsay" in pencil in
lower R corner near
a female face.
with fancy design,
some of which has
pencil marks of a
rather comical syle!

Page 7

37. Advertisement Page:
Royal Piano Fortes.
D'Almaine & Co.,
London. With printed
signatures of various
members of the
musical community
Royal Piano Forte
Saloon, Established

38. Ciascun lo dice Nordmann, Rudolph London, T. Boosey & Co. Some pencil marks on
Mad.lle Jenny Lind's Foreign Musical Library pages.
Favorite Air, in Doneretti's 28, Holles Street, Oxford
Opera La Figlia Del Street.
Reccimento for the
Piano Forte by Rudolph

39. Advert. page, New and
Select Piano-Forte Pieces
London, T. Boosey And
Co., Foreign Musical

40. Three Waltzes Many pencil marks and
No author or publisher; musical notes; entire bar
these appear after the of music in penciled in on
Nordmann material. one page at bottom.

41. Sola's Adeline Waltzes.
The words appear at the
bottom of the page of
each of the seven total

42. A Selection of the Most Browning, Mrs. Edinburgh, George Croal,
Popular Melodies of (Elizabeth Barrett??) 27 South Hanover Street.
Scotland for the Piano-
Forte. Arranged by
Mrs. Browning.

43. Grand March & Quickstep Browning, Mrs. The Letters "JD" are written
for the Piano Forte in pencil at the very R bottom
dedicated by permission of the last printed page; some
to Colonel Lindsay, 78th pencil marks appear on sheets.
Highlanders, Composed
by Mrs. Browning of




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